Friday, June 7, 2013

Novibra Anti Vibration Mounts

Novibra Anti Vibration Mounts

One of the leading manufacturers of anti vibration mounts in a company called Novibra.  Novibra is under the umbrella of Trelleborg Industrial Anti Vibration Systems, or TIAVS.  Trelleborg acquired Novibra due to the excellent quality of their mounts and the similarity in some of the vibration isolators currently being produced.

Novibra has a wide range of anti vibration mounts that will suit just about any application.  Their are many companies that sell Novibra anti vibration mounts and "knock off" versions of the Novibra mounts.  Currently, the only authorized distributor of Novibra mounts in the United States is a company called Mission Sales and SupplyMission Sales and Supply is a stocking distributor for Novibra, Metalastik, and Trelleborg vibration isolators.  Their website shows you the variety of mounts within the Novibra range as well as giving current inventory levels and pricing for these mounts.

What types of Anti Vibration Mounts does Novibra have?

Lets take a look at some of the applications and solutions that Novibra has within their product range.  This is not an exhaustive list of their mounts, but it is a good starting point to see the selection that Novibra has.  Click on any of these Novibra mounts below to be directed to a page that will give you more detailed information on the mounts.

Novibra Mounts for installing stationary equipment 

If you are mounting something such as a generator, compressor, or a stationary combustion engine, you might want to use one of these Novibra mounts.
Novibra RANovibra RAEMNovibra MNovibra RAB

Novibra Mounts for a mobile installation

If you need to mount a mobile application such as a marine or vehicle engine, a compressor, or a generator, you may take a look at the Novibra SIM mount.
Novibra SIM

Novibra Mounts for isolating sensitive equipment

If you are attempting to mount something sensitive such as an electronic device, a camera, a small pump, or a fan, you should consider these Novibra mounts.
Novibra M

Novibra Mounts to protect equipment during transit

If you are transporting computer or some sort of test equipment and need to mount it, these Novibra anti vibration mounts are are good choice. MNovibra BA

Novibra Mounts for a vehicle application

If you are mounting a cab on a vehicle, the Novibra EH is a great choice.  It is also good for mounting radiators, engines, and ROPS cages.
Novibra EH

Novibra Mounts for Heavy Duty Applications

Novibra also has products that will handle more rugged applications.  Off highway vehicles need more stout vibration mounts.  These mounts can also be used on crushers, vibratory screens, and larger industrial sized engines.
Novibra SAWNovibra Rectangular SAWNovibra 3 Inch Comp

Novibra Mounts for Building and Construction Applications

Novibra also has a line of inertia blocks for construction applications.  They have mounts that will hang duct work and suspended ceilings.
Novibra GK Double Plate

Novibra Mounts for Machines and Machining tools

Novibra has vibration mounts for lathes and punch presses.  They also work for mounting wood working tools and grinders.
Novibra TFNovibra AV Plate

Novibra Mounts to handle motion control

If you need a bump stop or some sort of rebound control mount, check out these Novibra mounts.
Novibra SENovibra ANB

Novibra Vehicle Suspension Mounts

Novibra has a VP selection of mounts that is great for mounting gearboxes, trunnions, and pivot arms.
Novibra VP

Thursday, June 6, 2013

How to Stop Vibrating

How to Stop Vibrating?

Vibration can be a serious problem.  It can cause damage to surrounding objects as well as create a lot of structure born noise.  However, the proper question is not "how to stop vibration", it is "how do I properly isolate this vibration".  Any type of machinery that has moving parts is naturally going to vibrate.  To completely stop the vibration, you would have to stop the machine from operating.

So how do I isolate vibration?  This will greatly depend upon the object that is doing the vibrating, but the solution is typically to use some sort of vibration isolator.  Vibration isolators come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.  The main two vibration isolators, also called anti vibration mounts, consist of either metal springs or a rubber element that absorbs the vibration.  While metal springs are a viable option, rubber mounts are typically the more popular choice due to their very large work absorption capacity compared to that of even the best grade of steel.  Rubber is also much better at insulating sound created by vibration issues.

Rubber mounts will typically consist of a rubber compound that is chemically bonded to metal portions of the mount.  Mission Sales and Supply is a distributor of the rubber-bonded-to-metal type of mounts.  There is a wide range of anti vibration mounts to choose from depending on the application you are using them with.

Determining what type of Vibration you have

What is the nature of the vibration?  Is the vibration that is happening a result of a constant motion (such as the revolutions of an engine)?  Or is the vibration caused by random events that are interacting with the object you need to be stable (such as a hammer strike or dropping a heavy weight on something)?  These types of vibrations are typically called "shock loads".

Shock loads are a little trickier to handle, but given the right mount, can effectively be handled.  The majority of vibration issues deal with constant motion, such as an engine or generator, and can be solved by strategically placing anti vibration mounts underneath the object that is causing the vibration. 

Things to consider in selecting an anti vibration mount

You will want to know the weight of the application that you are attempting to isolate.  You will then need to find mounting positions that will evenly distribute the weight between the mounts.  This is not essential as you can always use mounts with a slightly stiffer rubber element if you need it to sustain more weight.  Regardless, you will need to know how much weight each mounting point will be responsible for.

Another thing to consider is what type of anti vibration mount design will suit you the best?  Some mounts have metal caps to protect against oil, gas, or other contaminents that might splash onto the rubber compound.  If you have a relatively clean environment, this will not be as big a concern.

You also may want your mounts to have a "fail safe" design.  This means they have been designed in such a way that the rubber can never be pulled apart (e.g. you are mounting a generator on a boat deck that will be tempted to roll over during times of choppy water or large waves).  The fail safe design will keep the mounts from failing if the application rolls or is inverted.

Contact a professional if you need help

If you have questions or would like a member of the team at Mission Sales and Supply to give you a recommendation, feel free to contact them.  They will run a free analysis of your application and make suggestions as to which mounts will give you the highest degree of isolation.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Converyor Belt Vibration Solution

Conveyor Belt Vibration Solution

Mission Sales and Supply has recently seen an increase in the number of customers that are utilizing their mounts in their conveyor belt systems.  The companies who design and build the conveyor systems for these companies do not supply vibration isolators for the conveyors after production.  These conveyor belt systems experience a lot of wear and tear from operating constantly throughout the day.  The vibration isolators are one of the items that needs to be constantly maintained and replaced, if necessary.  

The mounts that these companies are purchasing for their conveyor systems are our Metalastik Retangular SAW mounts.  Here is a list of the mounts that are currently being used by these companies.

Part Number Max Load in Compression Max Load in Shear
31/0242-45 (Blue)
990 lbs. 264 lbs.
31/0242-55 (Red)
1,496 lbs. 297 lbs.
31/0242-60 (White)
1,980 lbs. 330 lbs.
31/0242-70 (Orange)
2,310 lbs. 330 lbs.

In order to determine the correct mount you just need to know the weight of a particular section of your conveyor and the number of mounting positions that you have to isolate the vibration.  Divide the total weight by the number of mounting position and this will give you the amount that each vibration isolator will need to be able to handle.  For more exact information on these mounts, visit this specifications page for the Metalastik Rectangular SAW.

Mission Sales and Supply keeps a pretty healthy inventory of each of these mounts.  Contact us and let us know what you are looking for.  We can give you information on pricing and stock levels direct from our website and we can answer any questions that you might have in regards to these vibration isolatorsVibration Control is an issue that needs to be done right.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Installing Height Adjustors for Metalastik Cushyfloat Vibration Isolators

Installing Height Adjustors

for Metalastik Cushyfloat Vibration Isolators

One of the main questions that we get asked by customers is how to properly install the height adjustors for the vibration isolators that they purchase from us.  Each height adjustor kit has 5 pieces included.  Here is a brief description on how these are designed:
  1. Thread the bolt down into the mount.  Ideally, you should thread it down to where it is flush with the opening on the bottom of the mount.  The notched end of the bolt should be facing up away from the vibration isolator.
  2. Place the flat washer down over the bolt flush on the top over your vibration isolator.
  3. Next thread the locking nut down over the bolt with the wrench grip end facing down toward the mount.  Use the wrench grip to lock the bolt into place on the mount.
  4. Thread the larger, adjusting, nut down over your locked nut.  This will be where your engine/engine bracket will sit.  Pay close attention to the recommended adjusting height listed on the in depth instruction guide linked below.
  5. Finally, you will lock down your application with the nylon locking nut
Other questions that we get are in regards to the selection of the correct adjustor.  On the height adjustor information page, the chart can be a little misleading.  In each section of the chart, any of the vibration isolators listed on the right will match up with any of the adjustors on the left, within that section.  The first number within the part number refers to the size of the bolt being threaded into the vibration isolator.  The second number refers to the size of the bolt coming out of the mount and attaching to your engine or engine bracket.

The height adjustor kits that you order now may differ slightly from what you are replacing.  Design changes have been made to eliminate common mistakes in the installation process as well as provide a stronger setup.  The HAD style of adjustor has been designed to properly handle added thrust involved with marine engine mounts.

For more detailed information, you can view the following links:
Installation guide for HA/HAD kits
Installation guide for Metalastik Cushyfloat Vibration Isolators

Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Cushyfloat Application

I found out about yet another application that utilizes the multi-purpose vibration control design of the Metalastik Cushyfloat.  I had a gentleman from a oil field call about replacing some mounts on his compressor engine that is used to pump the salt water solution during the oil and gas extraction.

He was happy to find that we are a stocking distributor of these vibration isolators.  Many times, you will not recognize the need to replace vibration isolators until they actually fail.  This typically creates a situation where you have a machine down that needs to be fixed in a hurry.  This is where we come in.  Mission Sales and Supply has recognized this need and has a vast inventory consisting of oil field needs from vibration mounts, to o-rings, to gaskets.

If you have a machine in your company that has unwanted vibration, give us a call, more than likely we have the solution.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cushyfloat - Great General Purpose Anti-Vibration Solution

Our top sell for Trelleborg AVS is series of vibration isolators known as the Metalastik Cushyfloat.  These vibration isolators are designed to provide effective isolation of vibration and noise in both mobile and static equipment: such as:
  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Generator Sets
  • Marine, Industrial and Vehicle Engines
These Metalastik Cushyfloat vibration isolators were originally designed for use with marine engines.  They have a compact, low profile and are easy to install.  The basics behind the design is the sturdy, steel base plate that bonds to the rubber compound, which then bonds to the protective steel cap.  It combines three way vibration control of the suspended equipment with relatively large static deflections where the rubber is loaded in the shear and compression.

These vibration mounts are designed to sustain larger shock loading.  The design incorporates bump and rebound vibration control features which limit excessive movements under these types of shock loads.  Much of this is done through a protective steel shaft that connects the top cap with fail-safe mechanism on the bottom of the mount.

The Metalastik Cushyfloats have a protective finish that helps resist corrosion attacks.  Since these mounts were originally designed for marine applications, propeller thrust for marine applications is accommodated.

There are four main sizes of these mounts.  Each size then has variations in the hardness of the rubber compound which allows this range of vibration isolators to cater to point loads from 70 lbs. to 6,600 lbs.  They are also capable of tolerating natural frequencies as low as 8 Hz.

One thing to keep in mind when selecting these mounts, is that when used with a marine engine application, the max load capacity is substantially reduced.  This reduction is by about 1/3 the normal capacity.

This is one of our top sellers, so if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vibration Isolators for Genset in Atlanta

Last year we had a re-power company out of Atlanta request our assistance on selecting vibration isolators for a large genset unit that was being place on the roof-top of a building.  It was critical that they achieved an extremely high vibration control in order to not disrupt anything within the building.

Here is a glimpse of the genset.  The size alone suggested that many calculations be made in order to accurately place and select the vibration isolators that will achieve the most vibration control.

The mounts that were chosen were Novibra RAEM 2500 B.  RAEM is a universal mounting for applications demanding maximum isolation. It is a further development of Novibra's RA™, where EM stands for “extra movement”. Suitable for both light and heavy machines. For normal speeds of approx. 1500rpm the Novibra RAEM™ type provides a degree of isolation of 85-95%, and gives good isolation with low frequency machines.
Its unique construction and the latest production methods make Novibra® type RAEM™ a high performance mounting having a number of advantages:
  • Rubber features are utilized effectively combining compression and shear.
  • Wide load rating options, 10-3400kg.
  • Corrosion protected to cope with arduous environments on land or marine applications (Fe/Zn8C as per ISO2081).
  • Fitted as standard with an integral fail-safe design with resilient stop, making RAEM ideal for use on mobile or
  • marine applications. The mounts can accommodate occasional shock loads. The mount will withstand shock
  • loads up to 2g without plastic deformation.
  • Clear and durable product marking so that mountings canbe identified even after several years in operation.
  • Domed shape cover to protect against oil contamination.
Here is a look at the foundation for the genset.

A total of 14 mounts were used to isolate each genset.  We were able to achieve a very high degree of vibration control for these units.  Mission Sales and Supply was very please to be a part of this project.  If you need help with an application such as this, please give us a call, we would love to help.  Here is a look at the installed final product.