Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Installing Height Adjustors for Metalastik Cushyfloat Vibration Isolators

Installing Height Adjustors

for Metalastik Cushyfloat Vibration Isolators

One of the main questions that we get asked by customers is how to properly install the height adjustors for the vibration isolators that they purchase from us.  Each height adjustor kit has 5 pieces included.  Here is a brief description on how these are designed:
  1. Thread the bolt down into the mount.  Ideally, you should thread it down to where it is flush with the opening on the bottom of the mount.  The notched end of the bolt should be facing up away from the vibration isolator.
  2. Place the flat washer down over the bolt flush on the top over your vibration isolator.
  3. Next thread the locking nut down over the bolt with the wrench grip end facing down toward the mount.  Use the wrench grip to lock the bolt into place on the mount.
  4. Thread the larger, adjusting, nut down over your locked nut.  This will be where your engine/engine bracket will sit.  Pay close attention to the recommended adjusting height listed on the in depth instruction guide linked below.
  5. Finally, you will lock down your application with the nylon locking nut
Other questions that we get are in regards to the selection of the correct adjustor.  On the height adjustor information page, the chart can be a little misleading.  In each section of the chart, any of the vibration isolators listed on the right will match up with any of the adjustors on the left, within that section.  The first number within the part number refers to the size of the bolt being threaded into the vibration isolator.  The second number refers to the size of the bolt coming out of the mount and attaching to your engine or engine bracket.

The height adjustor kits that you order now may differ slightly from what you are replacing.  Design changes have been made to eliminate common mistakes in the installation process as well as provide a stronger setup.  The HAD style of adjustor has been designed to properly handle added thrust involved with marine engine mounts.

For more detailed information, you can view the following links:
Installation guide for HA/HAD kits
Installation guide for Metalastik Cushyfloat Vibration Isolators


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome information! This helped me learn a lot more about vibration isolators... I feel like a pro now!

  2. How much does an average isolator go for? We probably need to replace a few this summer. The ones that we have already lasted a lot longer than they probably should have. Thiago | http://www.missionsupplyonline.com

    1. Thiago,

      It really just depends on the size that you are needing. Typically, they will run anywhere from $31 - $113 for the mount. The adjustor kits are $16-$76 depending on which size you need. Here is a link to a page that will give you specifications and pricing for the different metalastik cushyfloats - http://www.missionsupplyonline.com/metalastik-cushyfloat

  3. A metalastik cushyfloat is a perfect piece of equipment to help with vibration control. One of these can help you out with no problem at all. I know that I personally would want to make sure that if I was having vibration issues that I could get them taken care of.
    Jak Manson | http://www.missionsupplyonline.com/product-lines/11-trelleborg/parts/6-metalastik-cushyfloat-vibration-isolator