Friday, June 7, 2013

Novibra Anti Vibration Mounts

Novibra Anti Vibration Mounts

One of the leading manufacturers of anti vibration mounts in a company called Novibra.  Novibra is under the umbrella of Trelleborg Industrial Anti Vibration Systems, or TIAVS.  Trelleborg acquired Novibra due to the excellent quality of their mounts and the similarity in some of the vibration isolators currently being produced.

Novibra has a wide range of anti vibration mounts that will suit just about any application.  Their are many companies that sell Novibra anti vibration mounts and "knock off" versions of the Novibra mounts.  Currently, the only authorized distributor of Novibra mounts in the United States is a company called Mission Sales and SupplyMission Sales and Supply is a stocking distributor for Novibra, Metalastik, and Trelleborg vibration isolators.  Their website shows you the variety of mounts within the Novibra range as well as giving current inventory levels and pricing for these mounts.

What types of Anti Vibration Mounts does Novibra have?

Lets take a look at some of the applications and solutions that Novibra has within their product range.  This is not an exhaustive list of their mounts, but it is a good starting point to see the selection that Novibra has.  Click on any of these Novibra mounts below to be directed to a page that will give you more detailed information on the mounts.

Novibra Mounts for installing stationary equipment 

If you are mounting something such as a generator, compressor, or a stationary combustion engine, you might want to use one of these Novibra mounts.
Novibra RANovibra RAEMNovibra MNovibra RAB

Novibra Mounts for a mobile installation

If you need to mount a mobile application such as a marine or vehicle engine, a compressor, or a generator, you may take a look at the Novibra SIM mount.
Novibra SIM

Novibra Mounts for isolating sensitive equipment

If you are attempting to mount something sensitive such as an electronic device, a camera, a small pump, or a fan, you should consider these Novibra mounts.
Novibra M

Novibra Mounts to protect equipment during transit

If you are transporting computer or some sort of test equipment and need to mount it, these Novibra anti vibration mounts are are good choice. MNovibra BA

Novibra Mounts for a vehicle application

If you are mounting a cab on a vehicle, the Novibra EH is a great choice.  It is also good for mounting radiators, engines, and ROPS cages.
Novibra EH

Novibra Mounts for Heavy Duty Applications

Novibra also has products that will handle more rugged applications.  Off highway vehicles need more stout vibration mounts.  These mounts can also be used on crushers, vibratory screens, and larger industrial sized engines.
Novibra SAWNovibra Rectangular SAWNovibra 3 Inch Comp

Novibra Mounts for Building and Construction Applications

Novibra also has a line of inertia blocks for construction applications.  They have mounts that will hang duct work and suspended ceilings.
Novibra GK Double Plate

Novibra Mounts for Machines and Machining tools

Novibra has vibration mounts for lathes and punch presses.  They also work for mounting wood working tools and grinders.
Novibra TFNovibra AV Plate

Novibra Mounts to handle motion control

If you need a bump stop or some sort of rebound control mount, check out these Novibra mounts.
Novibra SENovibra ANB

Novibra Vehicle Suspension Mounts

Novibra has a VP selection of mounts that is great for mounting gearboxes, trunnions, and pivot arms.
Novibra VP