Friday, February 25, 2011

Cushyfloats for a Yanmar 6SY-720

A few days ago I had a customer call that was experiencing extreme vibration control issues on his Yanmar 6SY-720 marine engine. He informed me that one of the rear mounts had been "chewed" up to the point that it looked smashed as if the rubber had failed. He was currently using a High Thrust version of the Metalastik Cushyfloat with part number 17/2182-55.

After consulting with an engineer contact at the manufacturer, I told the customer that he could try re-torquing the bolt on the underside of the mount (100Nm) and also making sure that the Height adjuster into the top cap of the mount is still torqued up properly (250Nm). If that did not solve the issue, it would more than likely have to be swapped for a new mount.

We distribute a variety of vibration isolators that could work well for this application. The typical solution would be a 17/1657 series metalastik cushyfloat. These mounts are originally designed for marine engines where thrust will be involved. However, since his boat was already equipped with one of the Cushyfloat HT mounts, I recommended that he replace his mount with the same version that was currently installed. If you have any questions about your marine engine mounts, feel free to give us a call. We have a knowledgeable staff that is ready to help solve your vibration isolation needs.

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